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Equipment Finder Service

The Equipment Finder Service
Free Equipment Finder Service The Equipment Finder Service is a FREE service provided by Biomass Recovery World. The Finder Service will assist you in finding the New or Used Equipment and/or Services you require.

Please choose the Equipment type you require.
* Advisors / Consultants / Consulting Engineers
* Bio Fuel Processing Equipment
* Biomass Briquette System
* C & D Processing Equipment (construction & demolition)
* Composting Equipment
* Conveyors & Conveyor Parts
* Delimber / Debarker / Flail
* Event Coordinators
* Financing Services
* Grinders (all types)
* Incinerators / Boilers / Waste To Energy
* Knives / Blades / Hammers
* Packaging / Bagging
* Pyrolysis Systems
* Record Storage
* Screens & Screening Equipment
* Shredders
* Solid Fuel Boilers (Wood)
* Solid Fuel Burners (Wood)
* Windrow Turners
* Wood Chippers
* Wood Recycling - Horizontal / Vertical Grinders
* Woodwaste - Hammermill Parts & Accessories
* Woodwaste - Hogs/Hammermills
* Woodwaste Compressed Log Machines
* Woodwaste Disposal Systems & Equipment
* Woodwaste Storage Facilities
* Woodwaste Utilization & Fuel Making Equipment

Equipment suppliers and service providers receive your request on a daily basis and reply directly to you  
to discuss your requirements, purchase time frame, costs, delivery, etc. in further detail.

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